Sunday, November 9, 2008

Web 2.0 Summit: Web Meets World: Overview

I really enjoyed this Summit, which focused upon the connection between the Web and the real world, with contributions covering broad issues in politics, energy, entertainment and health, as well as the more usual coverage of new developments in platform technology and social applications.

Many of the sessions featured truly inspirational speakers, panelists and interviewees; people who are real innovators, rather than camp followers of the kind one encounters at so many other conferences. The meeting was also pleasant from a social point of view, with a broad range of attendees and a relative absence of cliques, compared with the academic or standards communities, for example.

I decided the best way to blog this was to put up a series of posts on a number of themes, rather than soldier through the whole thing chronologically. I won’t try and cover everything, although I attended about 85% of the sessions, missing a few due to business meetings in San Francisco. The main topics I will cover are electric cars, cloud computing, and social media platforms.